West Hongqiao Business District Overview

        West HBD is 19 square kilometers, including Xujing town in Qingpu, which is approximately 16.5 square kilometers. The town of Huaxin is 2.5 square kilometers. West HBD has a prime location, transportation, manufacturing capabilities, natural and man-made resources, as well as other advantages. We try our very best to build the regional symbol of Shanghai's International Trade Center that is constituted upon ecological integrity.

Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub

Area Traffic Network

Strategic Positioning

        Supporting the needs of urban planning, West HBD adopts a "productive urban fusion" development strategy, adhering to the "ecological wisdom, high-quality” goal. Their “one core and three areas” idea integrates exhibition, work, and entertainment. West HBD will focus on the development of six leading industries: exhibition services, distribution services, economic headquarters, modern financial services, creative industries, and strategic emerging industries. The ultimate goal of West HBD is to construct a modern city formulated by science and technology.

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